Das erste mini el?

Bei CityCom ist auf dem Hof das " Ur el" ausgestellt.

Die genaue Entstehungsgeschichte habe ich bisher noch nicht zweifelsfrei klären können. Wenn Sie etwas genaueres über die Entstehungsgeschichte des Fahrzeuges wissen, wäre es schön wenn Sie mir das weiter geben könnten :-).

Die Gerüchte

Es wird sich erzählt, daß ein dänische Maschinenbauingenieur einen Science Fiction Film gesehen hat, in dem kleine Fahrzeuge lautlos dahinsurrten. Darauf kam die Idee ähnliches selber zu bauen. Eine erste Baureihe mit ca.50 Fahrzeugen wurde gebaut. Mit verschiedenen Kapitalgebern entstand die El Trans A/S 89 und das mini el Serie 1 wurde produziert.





Die Fakten

Morgenposten Debat Sonday the 6th of october 1985, page 3.

Thanks to Anders Mørup Hermansen for the translation from danish to english.
The name of the man is Steen Volmer Jensen and he is an engineer. 20 years ago he build is own car, because as he says, he has alway been interessted in everything wich has four wheels and a steeringwheel. But he dos'nt like to be called a handyman, wich works with his ideas in his basement. He is much more an industial worker, to professional and marked oriented. He as a past in the british car manufacturingindustry, but in the nearpast he has been working as reseach and development chef at the Dronningborg Maskinfabrik in Randers. He got the idea a friday afternoon almost five years ago, when he got home from a busy day at work. He watched some television, and by coincidence watch a documental program about transporteconomics after the oilkrisis. "It was the usual program where people from left political wing, meet the right wing and. The was much discussion, but one thing could they agree about, and that was that wee couldent expand the public transport to a point where it could replace the privat. Not in this century. Blick ins ur el Cockpit.
Thinking the idea through this started his brain, says Steen V. Jensen. I turned the TV off by 21:30. When i went to bed at 2:30 i had the idea to what i call a new transportconcept. I would make a car that could be used for local trafic, only so i just could do the job. Nothing less, and surdently nothing more. This should be a tiny and simple thing, that everybody could afford as car nr. 2. That it was going to be an electric car, was planed much later. As an old carmanufactor, i probaly had a dislike for electric engiens, but soon it was clear that i only needed very few horsepowers. That ment i only needed a battey or two. I did'nt like the normal idear that an electric car need 12 or 14 batteries...

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